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The Be Buff Wellness Philosophy:

There is so much information out there about health - new fads diets come and go on an annual basis, sites spewing misinformation about supplements, people trying to tell you the latest fitness craze - that it can be very confusing. All you want to do is to learn the best way to be healthy. It should be simple, right?

Truth be told, it IS simple, if you go to the right source. Healthy living is about doing 3 things - what’s right for YOUR goals/limitations; the best diet to fuel YOU; and one thing that most fitness professionals forget, mental stability. So welcome to this house of total health, where I help you be the best you for a lifetime.



  • Kettlebells

  • High Intensity Interval Training

  • Youth Fitness

  • Kickboxing

  • Step




  • Injury prevention and post-rehab recovery

  • Obstacle race training

  • Weight loss programming



Nutrition recommendations for fitness training and weight loss.

  • Focus on anti-inflammation dietary needs for those with injuries, arthritis, and other inflammatory conditions.

  • No selling of supplements - EVER!

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How Can I Greatly Improve My Balance?

When we talk about exercises, the majority of people think of strength training and cardio. People who do yoga and Pilates also know that flexibility is incredibly important. However, nearly everyone ignores that last type of exercise - BALANCE.

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The Simple Habits of Very Healthy People

Before I decided to lose weight and get fit, I had no idea how much my life had to change in order for me to reach my goals. Turned out, it was more than just my diet and workout habits that had to change. My mind had to change. My priorities had to change. I had to change.

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What Is the Best Time of Day to Exercise?

Exercise keeps you healthy. We all know that.

But motivation for exercise varies based on so many things in our lives. One of those things is how we feel when we workout.