The Simple Habits of Notoriously Healthy People

Before I decided to lose weight and get fit, I had no idea how much my life had to change in order for me to reach my goals. Turned out, it was more than just my diet and workout habits that had to change. My mind had to change. My priorities had to change. I had to change.

Today I am sharing with you the common habits of healthy people, so you can see the reality of what it takes to live a long, healthy life.

The Most Common Habits of Healthy People

The Most Common Habits of Healthy People

Healthy people surround themselves with like-minded people.

The first thing I realized when I decided to become healthy is that I would have to change the people I hung around with. I loved my old school ride or die’s, but I came to realize that it’s the bad habits that I share in those relationships that was influencing my poor health. In order to be truly healthy, I would have to increase the amount of time I spent with people who took their health seriously if I was going to win at this.

That doesn’t mean I gave up on my old friends. Instead, I had to pick and choose when to hang out with my lifelong, unhealthy pals, and when to go to the gym with the noobs in my life. The balance I achieved was astounding, although, to be quite honest, I did lose a few people from my life permanently. They were insulted that I no longer could live life they did. I started getting invited to events less and less, because of my new healthy habits…they felt I thought I was better than them. It was far from the truth, but not everyone is going to support your journey, so that may happen. And when it does, its hurtful.  

Healthy people want to participate in healthy activities along with others who share their passions. We are influenced by relationships that matter most to us. Being surrounded by healthy people creates a type of healthy bubble around you. When your unhealthy friends order junk food, even though you would have preferred a salad, you wind up nibbling from the burger and fries anyway.

If anyone in your life starts to bring negativity based on you wanting to live a healthier life, sadly, you may have to push them to the side. Not everyone is going to be happy for you. But that’s what happens sometimes. That friend who wants to go to boot camp and drink a green juice are going to have a more positive influence on your fit lifestyle than others. Just accept that.

Fit friends last a lifetime.

Fit friends last a lifetime.

A great resource for meeting new people who share the same passions as you is No, this is not a dating site. It’s a place to meet people who like to do the same things you are interested in. But if you were to meet Mr. or Mrs. Right, I want my invitation to the wedding. 😊

Healthy people do not diet.

To be have life-long health, you have to get rid of the mindset that you need to be “on a diet”. Diets are temporary, and often aren’t the best for long term success. While a diet can jumpstart your weight loss and promote some healthy eating habits, they are often just very restrictive and can cause major back sliding due to not teaching you how to deal with cravings.

For lifelong health, a band aid diet isn’t going to cut it. You will need serious changes to what you think about food and turn that into better eating. Period.

Please don’t get me wrong. There are some great “diets” out there – I am a fan of paleo and keto myself – but for the majority of people, a diet where you can’t eat bread or rice is going to make it incredibly difficult to live. And when you wake up one morning covered in chocolate cake simply because you couldn’t handle that chocolate craving the previous night, you will understand how bad diets are.

Healthy people are always on the move.

Healthy people simply cannot stop moving. Even when they are supposed to be sitting still, they find way, often unconsciously, to move around. Healthy people tend to be active 30 minutes a day, nearly every single day. Even if it has nothing to do with a workout. They will have walking lunches; take the kids for a casual bike ride; or clean around their house. And during those times, often “working out” will never cross their minds. That’s because healthy people just like to stay active. PERIOD.

Did you know that the minimum number of steps a person can take daily to be considered active is 10,000? The average U.S. adult only walks about 5,900 steps per day.

But when it comes to exercise, healthy people do so at least 4 times per week. And usually, they vary their workouts so they don’t get bored.

What’s great is there are so many apps out there that you can install on your phone that will help you with daily movement. Some of the best are listed below:

Yoga: Alo Moves allows you to carry your yoga class with you wherever you go. Available on both iOS and android platforms and costs $20 per month.

Cycling: Peloton has a new app that lets you door their famous bike workouts while on the go. Only available on iOS and costs $020 per month.

Various: 8Fit has custom workouts that use no equipment which is perfect for when you travel. Costs $60 per year and is on both iOS and android.

Step counter/pedometer: Google Fit is one of the best for android and is completely free; while Stepz – Step Counter is probably the best free one on the market for iPhone.

With these low-cost apps, there is no need for you to not keep your body mobile every day.

Healthy people sleep well.

On average, healthy people sleep better than unhealthy people. It is recommended that every person gets at least 7 hours of sleep per night. Well, we all know that’s not possible many nights. However, people who are healthy tend to get up early, therefore get to bed early.

Sleeping at the gym isn’t really appropriate, but…

Sleeping at the gym isn’t really appropriate, but…

There are so many benefits to getting a good night’s rest, that’ its crazy to think that people can survived on only 2-4 hours of sleep per night.

  • Poor sleeping habits is connected to weight gain.

  • Good sleep improves productivity.

  • Good sleep maximizes exercise performance.

  • People who don’t sleep well have higher risk of heart disease.

  • Sleep deprived people are likely to have more inflammation in their bodies.

 Healthy people are planners.

Healthy people are usually notorious for planning their life out. They do meal prep on Sundays so they know what they are going to eat for the week. They also know what workouts they will be doing and who they will be doing them with.

Healthy people love structuring their daily routine. It allows them to maximize the output of what they put into everything they do. They make time for what needs to get done, and very often have time left over for that “Netflix and chill”. Now, this does take a lot of work, but the effort it totally worth it.

The reason healthy people are such great planners is because they know that if you just let life happen, things will get in the way, time will be lost, and by the end of the week, they will not have accomplished anything they wanted to, and they will have probably spent more money to get less done.

Many health people don’t own a scale.

The scale is a very debatable subject. Should you weigh yourself regularly? Should you throw it away? There are a couple schools of thought on this. However, one thing that is common among healthy people is that they don’t weigh themselves often. They use other measures to determine if they’ve fallen too far off the wagon - the fit of their clothes is a popular one.

Weighing yourself can a solid answer to whether or not your habits are helping or hindering your progress, but the numbers should not be the only source of information you are talking in. You can gain weight and still be healthier than when you were lighter. If you gained weight recently, check your habits - have you started lifting weights, or change up your workout routine? There are many things about healthy living that pounds or kilograms won’t tell you.

Healthy people eat what is natural.

Healthy people understand that you have to eat for the life you want. Thy know that food fuels your body and what you want your body to do, so they stick to the best foods - those found in nature.

These days our food is overprocessed. Traditionally, food was processed to make is easier to digest and, especially during the Great Depression, to preserve it for when food was scarce. Farmers processed the raw ingredients so that foods could retained their nutritional content over many months and kept the profits on the farm and in the farming communities where they belonged.


Today, however, we have substituted local processing with factory and industrial processing, which actually diminishes the quality of the foo. Industrial processing depends upon adding sugar, white flour, synthetic food additives and removing the whole grains from the wondrous raw ingredients. So much about our food is changed in factories - even genetically - that its not actually healthy when it comes out.

Healthy people stick to what grows out of the ground and what is born on this planet naturally.

Healthy people understand the importance of treats.

Healthy people know that long-term success means eating foods that are good for you FOREVER. That means they understand how to make better choices, even if they are not perfect. That means having one slice of plain pizza rather than 2 meat lover slices. Or, having just one Double Chocolate Chunk cookie from Insomnia Cookies instead of a dozen. Or switching out that burger for a chicken salad.

This idea that being healthy means you can never have a hot dog, or that Haagen Daz Butter Pecan ice cream is ridiculous and not sustainable.

And so...

As you can see, healthy people do a lot to keep themselves living their best life, at times sacrificing what they want for what they need. Living for your future self is not easy - the idea that what you do today affects your tomorrow is lost on some, because the ‘I want what I want now” mentality. No, tomorrow isn’t promised, but don’t you want make sure that if it does come, it will be the best tomorrow possible?

That’s all healthy people are doing. They know how amazing they feel when they put the effort to live healthy in the foreground of their lives. Beyond your family, your friends, and job, your health is one of the most important priorities in your life. There are no excuses. There are no justifications. There is just the effort to live healthy for the life you want.

Question: How do you exemplify healthy habits?