Reboot Your Life…

Millions of active people suffer from injuries each year. Maybe it was you who broke your leg skiing or herniated a disk while weightlifting. Have all those rounds of tennis finally take its toll on your elbows?

You’ve been to the doctors, and you’ve done the rehab with a physical therapist. Now what? How do you get back to your old fitness routines? Will you be able to do what you used to do?

That is where this book comes in. Here you will find a step by step guide written by a Personal Train who specializes in helping those who have a variety of injuries get back to their old selves (mostly).

This book covers everything from:

-What foods to eat

-How to exercise for your specific injury

-How to schedule your recovery period.

It’s time to take your body, and your life back. Stop being afraid and get back on the horse.