Why online training:

  • Cost Effective

When you compare in-person fitness training to online personal training, the cost advantages of online training are undeniable.

For example, let’s say that it’s March and you want a complete body transformation in time for summer and you decide you’ll train three times per week for 3 months.

So let’s do the math, based on $65 per 1 hour session:

$65 x 3 sessions = $195 per week

$195 x 4 weeks = $780 per month

$780 x 3 months = $2,340

With online training, you’d be paying only $425. That’s a savings of $1,915 which brings the cost of each session to $11.80. You will not find a better program for a better price.

  • No Time or Location Constraints

By enlisting the services of an online fitness coach you have complete freedom over your workout time and location, this way you don’t have to worry about syncing schedules with your trainer or fitting the gym around an ever changing work day.

Online training allows you to have your workout on your mobile device are synced up with your desktop computer leaving you totally in control.


Individualized training programs

Cardio Programs

Coaching for proper form and technique

Basic Nutrition.

A variety of workouts

Obstacle Race Training

How will you customize my training program to me?

When you sign up, I will send you registration documents that will request information on your previous exercise history, training goals and the logistical set up you have around you (do you have access to a gym, your work schedule or any ongoing injuries). You will also fill out a form that tells me exactly what your food preferences are and whether you are currently experiencing any intestinal issues. I will use this information alongside a food diary to determine the best foods to include in your meal plan.

You will also be asked to take a short fitness test so I can assure that you will start out on a training program that is going to match your current level of fitness and goals.

1:1 Private Training

Small Group Training – If you are looking for personal training, but can’t afford individual training, just get 1-3 friends and you can have what is known as Small Group Training. You get individualized attention, but share the cost between 4 people.

Each Small Group Training (SGT) session is structured to maximize fitness training and to minimize any potential injury. SGT’s are unquestionably the best way to provide the ultimate results in strengthening and toning, weight loss, and building endurance with friends.